Awesomeness International is Rhys Darby and wife Rosie Carnahan Darby.  They bring the best of international talent to NZ and the best local talent to the world!

But who are they really?

Rhys is… Hang on a minute. Are you serious? You don’t know who Rhys is? Rhys and Rosie met in Christchurch back in the mid 90’s when Rhys fashioned an undercut and Rosie wore nothing but black.

Rosie co-owned a beatnik performance cafe called ‘The Green Room’. It was ‘the’ place to be. Rhys was down and out with no direction working part time as ‘Gorp the village idiot’, a character waiter at a theatre restaurant.

He auditioned to perform at The Green Room with his fellow cohort Grant ‘Lightening’ Lobban (a chef from the same theatre restaurant).

Rosie thought the act had a bit of potential but that Rhys was ‘a bit of an idiot’. Rosie taught Rhys how to tap dance. Rhys taught Rosie how to fall in love with him.

They moved to Auckland and then abroad both carrying the same dream: Make and support comedy for the whole world to laugh at!