The best of Kiwi Comedy is winging its way to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival!

Rhys and I put on our thinking caps last year after Rhys was asked to do the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. We realised this was a great opportunity to take some Kiwi shows that we thought were “Edinburgh worthy” to the greatest comedy festival in the world. Enter stage right….

Munfred Bernstein’s Cabinet of Wonder

Seeing Jamie Bowens creation of Munfred last year was a revelation. He has mixed comedy, music, standup and theatre in to a remarkable piece of comedic theatre. What I always want out of comedy is a sense of fun, and he has it in spades. Munfred is a travelling storyteller with his Cabinet of Wonder, drawing stories of the strange and fantastical from his treasure trove on stage.

Square Eye Pair

We saw these kids at the AucklandFringe, and we were blown away by the genuine talent we saw onstage. not only are they superb actors, but genuinely funny with a kick arse script in hand. If you like Flight of the Conchords, you will LOVE this show.

Chris Brain in A Better Place

We have been friends with Chris for AGES. He was around in the original Green Room days in CHCH, and was part of the Capping Revue with Rhys at University. We had always known about his struggles with mental health…but ignored them as we preferred to just listen to him make us laugh. What is amazing about this show, is that he takes us through some of his darkest days, but in a self deprecating, hilarious way. I did not leave feeling sorry for him, or wanting to avoid drinking for a while, instead I left with a sore tummy from laughing and impressed with the jaunty telling of his difficult story. He won the 2009 Billy T Award for this show, and bloody well deserved it too!