Awesomeness Comedy is back!

We took a short break from the NZ International Comedy Festival last year, but now we are back!  We only have the two shows this year, but we are very excited about both.  The first is Rhys Darby in I’m a Fighter Jet!  Rhys has not shot a new comedy special since 2012, so we are really excited to be recording all his favourite material fro mthe past 3 years at Q Theatre over two nights.  It will include material from Mr Adventure, so it will be exciting to see how that has evolved.

After 20 years, Rhysently Granted is back!  The comedy duo was formed by Rhys Darby and Grant Lobban in 1996 in Christchurch.  Expect music, sketches and surreal silliness.  And to the tens of fans they had 20 years ago? Come and see them now, not much can have changed in 20 years, can it?

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